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Alpha-0 Launcher/login screen.[1]

Alpha-0 was a NDA[3] pre-alpha[4] release of Ashes of Creation.[5] This was the first of many internal tests of the networking, backend and node system.[6]

  • Establishing core technical features for the back-end solution.[7]
  • Connecting many players into a single zone with 4,000 NPCs.[7]
  • Getting good server framerate performance.[7]
  • Making the connection through the launcher end.[7]
  • Establishing the core node system collection cultural experience.[7]

This release was also known as the "friends and family alpha".[8][9]

  • Alpha-0 was the invite-only "raffle" alpha that also grants access to some media and influencers.[10]
  • Alpha-0 is a part of Pre-alpha testing.[4]

Alpha-0 gameplay footage

Alpha-0 footage from livestream, 31 October 2017.[11]

Alpha-0 participation

1,200 to participate in Alpha-0 starting Friday 15th of December 2017.[12]

Alpha-0 nodes

The alpha-0 map is divided into three Nodes, each with a ZOI.[5]

  • Only one node was capable of reaching the Dorp stage (at one time).

Alpha-0 starting area

In Alpha-0, players started at an Empyrean divine gateway.[14]

Alpha-0 environments

Alpha-0 river that runs through the center of the map.[15]

There are four over-world environments (climates/biomes) in Alpha-0.[15]

Alpha-0 has a bio-luminescent Underrealm environment.[19]

One of the important aspects of color play is going to be the distinguishing factor between different Underrealms and the regions that exist in the world: Their color influences set them apart from different regions.[20]Steven Sharif

Alpha-0 classes, races and genders

There was no active character creation screen in Alpha-0, but there were several options for players to choose from.[5]

Alpha-0 progression

Players experienced a degree of progression in Alpha-0.[5]

  • Leveling was from level 1 to 10.[25]
  • New equipment dropped.
  • There was a tier-based skill progression where players applied points into individual skills.

Alpha-0 artisan classes

Gathering and crafting was originally intended to be in Alpha-0,[5] but due to time constraints these were not included.[26]

Alpha-0 combat

The weapon use ability (precision combo/quicktime event) system is in Alpha-0 but it is a different iteration to what was shown at PAX West 2017.[27] Due to time constraints leading up to Alpha 0, the success range of this system was widened and the UI component was disabled. The plan moving forward is to continue to evolve the system in a fun and more engaging direction based on community feedback.[28]

  • Many animations at the moment are first pass, and will be further fleshed out as development continues.[29]

We want combat to be engaging, fun. What you're seeing in our pre-alpha we honestly have not spent a lot of time on combat. Most of this pre-alpha has been spent on establishing core technical features for our proprietary back-end solutions for making a MMO in Unreal.[7]Steven Sharif

Weapon use ability status

The weapon use combo system plays heavily into the weapon skill trees, which are planned for Alpha-2 and beyond.[30]

Alpha-0 dungeons

Alpha-0 party size

The party size in Alpha-0 is six (6).[40]

World size

480 km2 (square kilometers) is the approximate world size at launch.[41] This includes water and land content.[42]

  • Water area is considered playable area, but the exact area of land versus water is not known at this time.[43]

I don't know the exact the exact amount that is land versus water but the water is playable area as well and it's gonna have content...[43]Steven Sharif

480 square kilometers; which is pretty large comparatively to other MMORPGs out there. Now that does not include the lapped spaces: So that is the Underrealm and the portion of the world that it encompasses, which could probably easily take up an additional hundredish square kilometers I would imagine.[44]Steven Sharif

  • It is anticipated that a mounted player can traverse the entire map in a matter of hours.[45]
Testing phase Map size (approximate)
Alpha-0 16 km2.[46]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale 6.25 km2.[47]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale Forest of Erinthia 1.25 km2.[48]
Alpha-1 70 km2.[49]
Alpha-2 220 km2.[49]

Alpha-0 NDA

The Alpha-0 NDA restricts the sharing of visual elements from Alpha-0 testing.[50][3]

Alpha-0 easter eggs

There may or may not be a pair of sandals; if found will grant you some major boon or benefit... You might need a utility skill to find them.[51][52]

Alpha-0 releaseplanning

Phase Release Estimated/Actual date
Alpha Alpha-0.[4] December 15, 2017.[53]


Alpha-0 key raffles

When getting real-time feedback, we want a wide sample of opinions from people that cannot afford to spend four or five hundred dollars on the Braver of Worlds, to the people that can... We want to get a wide, diverse audience from a purchase standpoint, even people that aren't even invested in the game at all, that's why we raffle out to registered users, or just on stream..[54]Steven Sharif

Alpha-0 end date

Alpha-0 may end eventually... or morph into something else.[55]Jeffrey Bard

Alpha-0 security systems

Security systems will be in place to combat cheating, exploiting, botting, gold selling/real money transactions (RMT), item duplication and other things that affect the economy starting from Alpha-0.[56][57][58][59]

  • These systems collect user data and flag abnormal activities for investigation. This combined with player reporting functions generates a live "heat map" that draws attention to unusual behavior.[56][59]
We do have already built into the game on the outset is essentially behavioral metrics. So in the game, as a player does normal things and they acquire normal gold, that's all good and well, but if there starts to be item IDs that appear on the player account that are out of the norm, like either a large amount of gold, or significant legendary items, what it does in the back-end it flags the account for view so that we can take a look at where did this item come from. Is it coming from a known gold seller or a flagged bot, or whatever; and then we investigate. So we're going to be pretty hard on the ability for players to subvert the natural economy systems by RMT or botting.[56]Steven Sharif
  • Players caught cheating will be banned.[59]

Alpha-0 graphics system

Alpha-0 will utilize DirectX 11 or DirectX 12.[60]

UE4 allows us to do from a graphical fidelity standpoint is create a beautiful world on the front end.[61]

Alpha-0 screenshots

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