APOC:Weapon Master

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APOC:Weapon Master is a class in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges and Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode.[1]

The Weapon Master is more focused on a big health pool in keeping that health pool full and they're kind of more like get in front, disrupt the back lines and kind of move people out of the way so that other people can get through.[1]Jeffrey Bard

The idea behind the Weapon Master is they're super aggressive they're trying to get in, disrupt things, make people run away.[2]Jeffrey Bard


They can basically do a gigantic leap forward. They'll do a superhero ground pound or maybe smash the weapon down and then kind of blow everybody up from where they land. So again this is really focused on getting them into the fight quickly and disrupting the opponent's lines. Then a oldie but a good one: Spin-to-win: Whirlwind. They're gonna stick out their weapon and just start spinning around doing a lot of AoE damage.[2]Jeffrey Bard

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