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Transcripts for livestreams, videos and other media can be found in the following categories.

Creating a transcript

Specify the {{Raw transcript}} template at the top of the page for draft transcripts. This will automatically place the transcript in Category:Raw transcripts.

{{Raw transcript}}

Location of transcripts

We prefer using the Talk page (discussion page) of the corresponding media page to store its transcripts. For example: The transcript for the video 2018-04-05 Video - PAX East Panel is located in Talk:2018-04-05 Video - PAX East Panel.

Using speech recognition

Some editors prefer to capture the first cut of a raw transcript using speech-to-text software. This is acceptable, so long as the {{Raw transcript}} template is used to designate the transcript until it has been reviewed and edited.

Transcribe verbatim

The words in the audio should be transcribed as the speaker says them and in the same order, except in the following cases:

  • Speaker hesitations and disfluencies, such as “um”, “uh,” “mmm” may be omitted.
  • Repetitions of words or phrases may be omitted.
  • One or more sequential may be replaced by an ellipsis "...", providing this doesn't alter the meaning or intent of the speaker.
  • Non-verbal or unrecognizable speech may be omitted, so long as these are annotated.

For example:

This is, this uh, this is the most um important announcement of of of the year. I want to go- I thanks. I think everyone will enjoy this.


This is the most important announcement of the year... I think everyone will enjoy this [applause].

General rules

  • Please do not paraphrase.
  • Please keep words in the same order as they were spoken.
  • Except in the abovementioned cases, please do not omit any text.
  • Except for [annotations] please don't add words or phrases to the text.


Use the following square bracket annotations to designate non-verbal or unrecognizable speech.

  • [Applause]
  • [Cross-talk]
  • [Foreign]
  • [Inaudible]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Lost audio]
  • [Music]
  • [Phonetic]
  • [Silence]

New line for each speaker

It is not necessary to name individual speakers, but it is preferable to start each new speaker on a new line in the transcript.


Insert timestamp links to the media item in the transcript. Insert these as frequently as possible to allow readers to jump to the exact point in the dialog.

For example:

[ 6:30]

This will insert the following link directly to the video at time 6:30.


Avoid abbreviations

Abbreviations can be confusing. Use non-abbreviated text where possible.


  • Use single spaces to separate words.
  • Use double newlines to separate speakers or paragraphs.


Well the fishing aspect could be cool if you fished alongside like the land, it would just be a fishing game. But if you fished on a ship somewhere, you'd have the possibility of pulling up something you don't want to pull up.

Oh, like a Kraken! I love it, yeah, absolutely. That'd be cool. Your pole just breaks in half and then it eats your boat.



  • Use straight quote marks " and apostrophes ' as available from the keyboard, and not alternatives such as “ ” and ‘ ’.
  • Italicize names of books, films, TV series, music albums, paintings, ships, and video games—but not short works like songs or poems, which should be in quotation marks.
  • Both James' house and James's house are correct.
  • It is desirable but not necessary to correctly punctuate transcriptions.

Finalizing a transcript

When a transcript is in accordance with the above guidelines then change the template to {{Transcript}} at the top of the page. This will automatically place the transcript in Category:Transcripts.


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