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The world will be the same on each server, but Nodes will develop differently. Different servers will have different narratives. Things that happen on one server may not happen on another.[1]

There will be a multitude of servers located throughout the various regions of the world.[3]

  • Post launch, users will be able to select their server by the ping or the region that's notated next to the server.[3]
  • Ashes of Creation Apocalypse server selection is driven by the party leader. Whatever region they have selected will apply to their friends and squad.[3]

We'll have a multitude of servers located throughout to the various regions of the world; and those servers will be good connection points for- and will be driven by- I mean there's two types of servers I'm sorry: For the alpha-1 arena those will be driven by the party leader right; and wherever whatever region they have selected if they invite friends to their squad or whatever, they'll be able to play on that region. With regards to live launch when the server's go live, you'll be selecting a server to play on; and that will be your character's home; and that server you'll be aware of where that server is located usually by either a ping or a region that's notated on next to the server.[3]Steven Sharif


Ashes of Creation will launch with the following server regions:[4][5]

Other server regions will be considered based on interest.[5]

At this stage we do not have numbers on how many different servers will exist for different regions. We've said in the past 8-10,000 concurrent users per server is what we'd like to aim for. Obviously, the number of servers that exist in a region are going to be dependent on the population that's playing.[11]Steven Sharif

There will not be region locking or IP blocking.[12][13]

I can confirm there will be no region locking.[12]Steven Sharif

No IP blocking.[13]Steven Sharif

Q: When you say you no region locking or IP blocking, does this refer to all regions or just only Europe, Russia or North America?
A: Currently that refers to regions that are territories under our license agreement with and, which is Europe and Russia as it relates to our North American servers as well. However, moving forward should we announce additional strategic partners for foreign territories, it would be a red line for us as well not to allow for any region locking or IP blocking.[14]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse servers

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse server selection is driven by the party leader. Whatever region that is selected will apply to their friends and squad.[3][15]

  • North American (East).[15]
  • European (Central).[15]
  • South East Asian (Singapore).[15]

For this play test, no matter where you download and play from, you will be able to queue up and play with your friends from around the world.[15]

Alpha-1 servers

Alpha-1 servers will be provisioned in the following regions.[16]

Alpha-1 servers will support 1,500 concurrent users.[19]

Server population

Population limits will be enforced on each server.[20]

  • Around 8-10k concurrent users per server is projected.[11][21][22]

Population based scaling

The prices that NPCs sell items for will scale based on the economic activity on a server. Prices will rise to combat inflation and fall as a population diminishes.[23]

The node system allows the developers to scale the experience needed to level a node and the attrition that delevels a node based on activity.[23]

Things that NPCs buy and sell kind of scale based on the economic activity that exists on that server... As inflation rises, prices rise and everything kind of ends up being equal, even though there might be a couple of extra zeros. So that can go up and it can also go down so as a population leaves, things become less expensive and players don't have to do as much to earn that. On the other side of things we look at the node system and the node system is set up in this really flexible way that allows us to scale the experience needed to level a node and the attrition that delevels a node to scale based on activity too. So you know it's just a matter of adjusting a couple of constants and that goes up and down and the server can watch it and change those on the fly as it needs to.[23]Jeffrey Bard

Server-wide announcements

There will be global (server-wide) announcements/notifications of important events.[24]

Local node events, such as Caravans will not be announced. These will rely on player word-of-mouth.[24]

Whether it be like a siege or a triggered event against a city or like a unique dungeon opportunity... those types of things are going to involve notifications. Especially to the citizens of the city; where you'll be informed of an impending event. Basically it will give you time.[25]Steven Sharif

Server history

The history of each server will be tracked and visible to players.[26]

We're gonna keep track of the history of the world so that we can tell people the story up to the current day. A player who's brand new, who's come in at the six-month mark can take a look at each server, what each server has done, how each server has tackled the storyline; and they can decide for themselves what community they want to join; what version of the world that they want to take part in.[26]Jeffrey Bard


At the Village stage, the scientific node's unique building is the Bibliotheek. Players can use the Library to access information, including (but not limited to) the following:[27]

Server instancing

There won't be server channels (sharding) on a server.[28][29]

Dungeons and Raids

Ashes of Creation will be a seamless open-world experience.[31]

  • No loading time or loading screens between regions.

There will be open world dungeons and raids. The aspiration is to maintain the open world feel while being able to capitalize on the benefits of instanced mechanics.[32]

  • Instancing is only going to happen in certain dungeons where the desire is to have greater narrative appeal. Outside of these and arenas there will not be too much instancing anywhere else.[31]
  • There will be an 80/20 split between open world vs instanced encounters.[33][34]

We're probably going to do instancing only in certain dungeons and in arenas. You probably won't see instancing too much anywhere else. What you see is gonna be what you get.[31]Jeffrey Bard

The PvP flagging system presents an opportunity for open conflict.[35]

PvP Arenas

Arenas are instanced PvP scenarios and are not part of open world PvP.[37]

Server vs server

The arena system may support cross-server combat.[43]

  • There may be monthly competitions where the winning server and winning team receive beneficial buffs for the month.[45]

We definitely like cross-server play. I think it's cool because it is something that players get to participate in.[46]Steven Sharif

When you're talking about Arena play especially, one server might not be able to support that depending on what's going on with it, but across all the servers then we've got a really great pool for matchmaking.[46]Jeffrey Bard


Ashes of Creation gathers tracking data to facilitate achievements, titles and other accolades on a server.[47]

Visibility of those types of things on the server help to promote a competitive atmosphere. If there is an attainable impression that you can work towards, so that others know your success, you have more drive to succeed.[47]Steven Sharif

Leader boards

There will be dungeon and raid leader boards.[48]

Headstart servers

The number of head start servers is estimated to be three. This is subject to change.[50]

  • There will be an OCE headstart server.[51]

Server maintenance

Scheduled server downtime will occur on a weekly basis.[52]


Intrepid Studios will self-publish Ashes of Creation in the NA (North American) region.[53]

Intrepid Studios will be self-publishing in North America.[53]Steven Sharif

mailrulogo.png ( will publish Ashes of Creation in the EU (European Union), RU (Russia) and CIS regions.[54]

Intrepid will maintain 100% creative control over Ashes and our partners and shares our vision for Ashes, as this was very important to us. This means our stance on p2w for the game. This partnership allows us as a Studios to focus on the development of the game and allows us to feel comfortable with the level of service that we know and can provide our glorious community.[55]Steven Sharif

Today I have confirmed business model will be subscription with no box cost, cosmetic only market (will match NA).[56]Steven Sharif

There is no current publisher for the OCE (Oceanic) and SEA (Southeast Asia) regions. It is likely that Intrepid Studios will self-publish in OCE.[57]

We do not have a publisher in mind for Oceanic and Southeast region of Asia so we will likely be self-publishing in OCE.[57]Steven Sharif


The Ashes of Creation MMORPG will not be published on the Steam platform.[58]


It will be possible to register with Intrepid, in order to play on NA servers. In which case, your account and billing info would be handled solely by Intrepid. will be responsible, with collaboration from Intrepid, for EU accounts and servers.[60]Steven Sharif

Q: So to play on EU you would need a EU account via mycom?
A: Correct.[61]Steven Sharif
Q: Can you inform us about payments done by EU. Will they be to or to IS?
A: Depends where the player creates their accounts, you will be able to choose Intrepid or[62]Steven Sharif

Server types


We zien onszelf graag als een PvX spel, omdat de systemen als PvP, PvE en ambacht allemaal met elkaar verweven zijn: ze zijn onafhankelijk van elkaar... Ons ontwikkelingssysteem heeft die onafhankelijkheid van de genoemde systemen echt nodig. Je hebt ambachtslieden nodig om de beste spullen te verkrijgen. Je hebt PvP'ers nodig om steden en kastelen veilig te stellen en te bemachtigen. Je hebt PvE'ers nodig om world bosses te doden voor zeldzame materialen om vervolgens spullen te maken.[65]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation is een PvX-spel.[66] Spelers zullen automatisch beide PvP- en PvE-elementen tegenkomen.[67][68] Het is onwaarschijnlijk dat een speler zich puur kan focussen op alleen PvP of PvE.[68]

Wij zijn zeer duidelijk in ons doel en onze filosofie en we snappen dat dit niet naar ieders wens zal zijn. Maar, weet je, er is een belangrijke wederkerige relatie tussen de inhoud gerelateerd aan PvE en aan PvP en ze vullen elkaar aan. Ze zijn elkaar katalisator: hun voortgang, hun ontwikkeling. Het zijn dingen waar mensen waarde aan hechten en waarbij ze kunnen zien dat ze iets verdient of verloren hebben. Dat lokt een emotionele reactie van de speler uit: hij heeft tijd in iets gestoken dat uiteindelijk slaagt of faalt; PvP staat het toe dat het element kan worden geïntroduceerd in de gameplay. En we zijn er zeer duidelijk in dat dit ons doel is: de relatie tussen risico en beloning, de prestatiegerichte mentaliteit. Niet iedereen zal een winnaar zijn, dat is niet erg.[71]Steven Sharif

Procedural generation

Verra will not be randomly generated, but the starting resource points may be different on each server.[72]

Server transfers

Server transfers will not be possible initially. The developers intend to assess the impact on housing and other systems closer to launch.[73]

Testing server wipes

Alpha and Beta servers will be wiped prior to launch.[74]

As a general rule, if the testing phase contains the word Alpha, it is safe to assume there will likely be wipes.[75]Steven Sharif

Server hosting

Ashes of Creation servers are being hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).[76]

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