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PvP (Player versus player combat) is the catalyst for change in Ashes of Creation.[2] Player combat is intended to be meaningful, ranging from Caravan battles to vast open world conflicts fought for the pride of Kings and Queens.[3]

Because players are motivated by different things, because they want something from the game that other players don't want, that's going to cause people to butt heads. Different players are going to want different experiences and the conflict between the two of them will create a bigger and better thing. Out of strife comes rebirth and that's a core symbol, it's a core theme that occurs throughout the game.[4]Jeffrey Bard

There are many reasons to engage in open world PvP in Ashes of Creation.[5]

Just because our flagging system gives corruption to pkers, doesn't mean PvP won't happen. There is plenty of reason for PvP to occur open-world. Scarce resources, open world hunting grounds, caravans, sieges, guild wars etc.[5]Steven Sharif


There are no predefined factions in Ashes of Creation.[6]

Because we are non-faction based, you want to grant the user the ability to either do things that are "evil" or "good", so there has to be a plethora of choice on the evil side for them to participate in.[7]Steven Sharif

Gear inspection/ Threat assessment

Players will have a buff that indicates the gear set they are wearing. Other players will be able to see this buff by targeting that player at a distance.[8]

  • This will also show the level of the tier set they are wearing.[9]
  • The developers believe that inspecting gear to obtain an exact equipment list or gear score may lead to "unwelcome behavior".[10]

When you see a player approaching you and they're wearing a transmog you know you don't know if that person is a high damage mitigation against physical damage or against magical damage and essentially the way we overcome that is through you being able to target a player at a distance and they will have a buff that's present on them that you will see which indicates that essentially the piece set that they are wearing. It is important for players to be able to ascertain from a threat assessment standpoint you know what they're going up against if they're actively checking that and that will be available.[8]Steven Sharif

Being by default able to see a person's "gear score" / equipment list... may cause unwelcome behavior.[10]

Open world battlegrounds

Battlegrounds are where PvP battles occur in the open world.[11] These are open world PvP zones that flag players as Combatants (purple).[12]

Non-combatant (green) players entering an open world battleground are automatically flagged as combatants and remain flagged for a period of time after leaving that battleground.[14]

Our castle system, our sieges against nodes, the caravan system, battlegrounds that exist, guild wars: We want there to be a meaning to this conflict. We want players to actually have some skin in the game when it comes to participating in PvP.[4]Steven Sharif


Caravans facilitate the transfer of goods for players wishing to turn a profit.[16]

The caravan system is an open world PvP system that revolves around opportunity and risk. Caravans facilitate the transfer of goods for players wishing to turn a profit.[16]

  • Caravans can transport goods for more than one player.[20]

Caravan PvP

Caravans create an open PvP zone that flags players for combat (purple).[23]

  • Players will be able to state their intentions to attack, defend or ignore via a user interface.[24][25]
  • A group will be required to successfully attack a caravan.[18][26]

Caravan destruction

If a caravan is destroyed (becomes a wreckage) it will drop a portion of the goods it was transporting.[18][27][28]

  • Caravan components may also drop when a caravan is destroyed. These components may be salvageable by the caravan owner or by other players, in the case of high grade components.[29]
  • Caravans drop certificates for heavy goods that are redeemable at the origin node for a portion of the goods.[30][28]

The caravan becomes a wreckage upon destruction and that wreckage is an interfaceable item that players can come up to and they can receive certificates for a portion of the goods inside the caravan. Now the idea with that certificate is that it must be taken back to the point of origin, or at least a region within that point of origin. We'll see about that last part because there's a few things I want to test in the Alpha from a gameability standpoint. The reason why for this is because what might happen is you may have some type of collaboration within a guild to kind of game that system. Hey I'm gonna reach this caravan just to the border of the region and then we're all destroy it, collect the goods and take it to you know that region's warehouse; and have to skip out on the last half of the way. So it must successfully reach its destination before the goods can be considered a part of that region.[28]Steven Sharif



Castle sieges

Castle Sieges are intended to be massive events with hundreds of people involved in a single Siege. One of the reasons that Ashes of Creation Apocalypse exists is so we can address the challenges in ramping up the number of bodies that we can handle simultaneously. With our latest test hitting over 200 simultaneous players, we’re ready to push that number even further. Our goal is to have the largest organized PVP battles of any MMORPG.[31]

Guilds participate in Castle sieges in an effort to capture and occupy one of the five guild castles in Ashes of Creation.[33]

  • Sieges occur once a month.[33]
  • The minimum goal is for 250x250 players to be on a single battlefield. It is hoped that this can be increased to 500x500 over time.[34]

A guild that captures a castle will own that castle for a month before it is sieged again.[35]

  • In the first three weeks that a guild occupies a castle they will need to level up each of their castle nodes to Village stage through questing.[35]
  • The fourth week is declaration week, where other guilds have the opportunity to lay down their declaration flag or to sign up as a defender of the castle.[35]
  • Depending on how well the guild defends the castle nodes results in better defenses for the castle.[36]
  • Different siege weaponry will grant the attackers the ability to destroy walls, doors and sections of the castle in order to gain access to the inner keep area.[37]
  • When castles change hands (following a siege), some taxes stay with the castle and some stay with the guild.[38]

There will be benefits to attracting people... even if they're not in your guild or alliance – kind of a feudal like system, where you can attract other players who are just independent of this whole politic. They will have things to do there - benefits to receive - and there will be a reciprocal relationship between who you can attract, what they do for you; and how that benefits you and them.[35]Steven Sharif


Node sieges

Node sieges (Pre-alpha footage).[39]

As some areas in the world grow, others will fall. This is the foundation of the living, breathing world that is Ashes of Creation, where players will have the ability to make important decisions that matter in the longevity of an area becoming a city, or whether to siege a rival town. Rise above the ashes, create the world around you, and be a part of the story that unfolds because of your actions and decisions.[40]Margaret Krohn

Node sieges enable players to destroy nodes.[40] This paves the way for new development and access to the locked content in surrounding nodes. Due to this dynamic, political strife and intrigue play an important role in the structure of the world.[41]

  • Attackers may not be capable of destroying a node. Instead they may carry out precision attacks to disable specific service-oriented buildings within the node. These buildings can be targeted with siege weapons and bombs.[42]
  • If the node still exists after the siege has ended, citizens will need to obtain the resources needed to rebuild any damaged infrastructure.[43]

You could be more precision oriented in the decision to attack a city. Let's say it's a rival node that's trying to reach you know a node stage five or something and you want to disable their ability for the religious system to progress so you target the temple during the attack, or you want to disable their scholars academy from reaching a higher level so that your nodes can; or you want to disable multiple buildings that allow for experience and quests to be undertaken by its citizenship, which prevents them from keeping up in pace of experience gained with your node. These can be more precision oriented and don't have to effectualize an actual takeover of the node.[42]Steven Sharif

Sieging nodes will not be an easy task for the attackers. Cities and metropolises will have a considerable defensive advantage.[41]

If you own a home in a node and you don't want to see that home destroyed, you need to defend that city![4]Steven Sharif

Nodes can delevel based on node atrophy.[40]


Guild wars

Guild war features are currently still in the design stage, but the overall goal is for guild wars to be objective-based with great risk for each side.[44]

  • Guild war objectives are designed to be more fluid than castle siege objectives.[45]

I can't really define exactly what those features are yet because that design stage is still up in the air from a discussion standpoint. There's a lot of different ideas that relates to how those two can come into play, but I will say that in every MMO I've ever played guild wars are very binary. They're very like 'Okay you've declared, you have a number of kills to deaths and the guild war's over, thank you...' My objective to kind of change that dynamic is to include greater risk for the sides to initiate the war and also to make it more objective-based than just a binary kill death ratio; and the fortresses and guild halls come into that type of facilitating that change.[44]Steven Sharif

Objectives spawn in the world based on the level of the guild war and the assets available to the guilds, whether it be a guild hall or guild fortress.[44] There will be default objectives and then there'll be objectives that relate to the activities that a Guild has participated in.[45]

  • For example, if a guild has recently become owners of a guild hall on a freehold, objectives might be related to capturing a quest item in or around the guild hall that is only visible to the warring guild. Capturing this objective may require channeling time.[45]
  • There might be objectives to steal one of the quest items that that the guild may have received from completing a raid.[45]
  • There may be bounty objectives to kill a particular guild member. The target may have increased damage mitigation and/or health against the warring guild and can call for help.[45]

If you have a guild hall and a certain type of guild war is declared that is maybe a higher stakes kind of war, some of those objectives will be centralized either at your guild hall, at the opponent's guild hall; could be a progression step towards the guild hall. It might be a specific a period of time that accumulates into into a central battle at the guild hall for an objective.[44]Steven Sharif

Guild war mechanics

Guild war mechanics include.[46]

  • A war declaration period.[46]
  • Objective based components.[46]
  • Victory and surrender conditions.[47]
  • Guilds may war multiple guilds/alliances at a time.[47]
  • Guild wars operate outside the PvP flagging system.[47]

We're taking guild politics to a whole new direction in regards to playing those conflicts out.[48]Steven Sharif


Hunting grounds

Hunting grounds are open-world PvP corruption-enabled areas that encompass most of the map.[49]

One of the interesting components of Ashes of Creation and our flagging system is that it presents the potential for two conflicting parties to have open conflict in the open world over pretty much anything that they may want or disagree with; and if that pertains to a hunting ground, not just the caravan or the castles or the nodes or whatever, it can exist in that area.[51]Steven Sharif

Outside of PvP for certain things like caravans, sieges of nodes and/or castles is that you're going to have those open-world hunting ground fights that may occur. You're going to have resources fights that may occur. You're going to have political fights that may occur between members of guilds; and we're taking the guild politics to a whole new direction in regards to playing those conflicts out.[48]Steven Sharif

Our PvP mechanics follow a flagging system, as well as static PvP zones at certain points of interest; fight for control over cities, castles, caravans, or hunting grounds. Our PvP is designed to offer the players a well-balanced and fair world to shape through the pen, or sword should they choose.[52]


Naval PvP

Naval combat involves different types of Ships with varying capabilities, armaments and roles to play out on the high seas. There will be a balance and counterbalance between ships from PvP and PvE perspectives.[53]

Battles at sea will be epic. They will have some supreme rewards and/or losses if the battle succeeds or fails.[54]Steven Sharif


Arenas are instanced PvP scenarios and are not part of open world PvP.[56]


Player flagging

The open world PvP flagging system is designed to deter people from griefing other players.[64]

  • Players can participate in open world PvP with one another without having to resort to murder.[65]
  • The penalties are intended to be severe enough to deter any type of spawn camping.[66]

pvp flagging diagram.png

There are three levels of flagging for world PvP in Ashes of Creation.[14]

  • Non-combatant (green)
    • All players start as non-combatants.[67]
    • Non-forced attacks (such as AoE) will not hit non-combatant players.[68]
  • Combatant (purple)
    • Non-combatants entering an open world battleground are automatically flagged as combatant and remain flagged for a period of time after leaving that battleground.[14]
    • Players are flagged as combatants if they attack another player. If the attacked players fight back, they are also flagged as combatants, otherwise the attacked player will remain flagged as a non-combatant.[67]
    • Non-combatants who heal, buff or otherwise interact with combatants will be flagged as combatants.[69]
    • Non-combatants who attack a player using combat pets (or any other player-controlled entities) will be flagged as combatants.[70]
    • Players can kill combatants without repercussions, and are encouraged to do so, since dying while a combatant has reduced death penalties.[67]
  • Corrupt (red)
    • If a combatant player kills a non-combatant player, they will be flagged as corrupt.[64]
    • Corruption multiplies death penalties and reveals a corrupt player's location to bounty hunters.[64]
    • A player’s corruption score increases with each non-combatant player killed.[14]
    • If a non-combatant attacks a corrupt player, the non-combatant will not flag as a combatant.[67]

A player may not flag on members of the same party, raid, guild or alliance.[71]

Sieges, caravans and guild wars do not use the flagging system.[21]

You're not going to see griefing in the game very often; and that's because our flagging system. The corruption mechanics are based around disincentivizing a griefer or PKer but still offering the opportunity, should the occasion arise, where the benefits outweigh the risk, you have the ability to do so. If you gain corruption, which is killing a non-combatant - a player who is not fighting back basically - if you gain that corruption, your world has changed. It is not going to be a very beneficial place to be and you have the potential of losing your gear. Your combat efficacy decreases based on the amount of corruption you accrue. It is a comfortable balance between player agency and grief and basically removing player agency for other players.[72]Steven Sharif



Een "affiliation tree" is in ontwikkeling en bepaalt welke entiteiten mee kunnen doen met aanvallen tegen andere entiteiten binnen hun hiërarchie.[73]

Je kan je aansluiten bij een Guild, je kan je aansluiten bij een party, je kan je aansluiten bij een raid, je kan je aansluiten als een bewoner van een bepaalde stad, je kan je aansluiten bij een bepaalde maatschappij, en je kan je aansluiten bij een bepaalde religie. Al deze dingen hebben een bepaalde hiërarchie; en binnenin deze hiërarchie is de mogelijkheid om mee te doen binnen bepaalde systemen. Als voorbeeld, als je een node hebt die deel uitmaakt van een marionettenregering, en jij bent een bewoner van de hoofd node, dan zou je kunnen deelnemen in een gevecht tegen de node met de marionettenregering. Maar als je een bewoner bent van de marionettenregering kan je niet deelnemen aan een aanval tegen je hoofd node; dus er is een hiërarchie, behalve wanneer je ervoor kiest om niet langer een bewoner te zijn.[74]Steven Sharif


Player corruption

When you gain that corruption you have the potential of losing your completed items, your weapon, your armor, stuff that is very difficult to achieve; and then the other aspect of that is, that in order to deter basically players taking alternate characters and saying this is my PK alt, the more players you kill, the more corruption you gain, the higher your combat efficacy in PVP diminishes. If you're out there and you killed you know 20 players... you will not be able to perform in PVP any longer. You will need to take that character and go work off that corruption. The other aspect of corruption is that if you kill another player, who is a non-combatant and the level disparity between you and that player is great, you will gain a higher amount of corruption from that single kill. To the point where you should not be killing a level one character.[75]Steven Sharif

If a combatant (purple) player kills a non-combatant (green) player in PvP, they will be flagged as corrupt (red).[64]

  • A player’s corruption score increases with each non-combatant player killed.[14]
  • The wider the level disparity between the players, the more corruption will be gained.[14]
  • Corruption penalties occur as the corruption is gained.[76] The higher the corruption score:
  • Corruption has a visible effect on a player’s appearance.[80]
  • A corrupt player’s location is revealed to bounty hunters on their world map.[64]
  • If a non-combatant attacks a corrupt player, the non-combatant will not flag as a combatant.[67]

The more corruption you gain, the less effective you become in PvP and there's going to be a certain period at which point you have gained enough corruption that you're going to be gearless and you're also going to have a massive reduction in your PvP efficacy.[81]Steven Sharif

Reward without risk is meaningless... Corruption is just another word for risk.[82]Steven Sharif

You can't necessarily time perfectly you know the damage or understand even the health of the player. Unless you were in their party you cannot see an opponent's health as well so that's another component that you know adds risk.[83]Steven Sharif

Removing corruption

The primary means to remove corruption is through death. Multiple deaths may be necessary to remove all corruption.[67]

  • An alternate way to remove corruption is through religious quests. These quests are considered time sinks.[85]

It's not going to be easy or quick but it is probably going to be the only other way to get rid of corruption other than dying.[85]Jeffrey Bard


Player death

We don't have deleveling, instead what we have is experience debt. Now the more experience debt you accrue, the greater the detriment to your character; not to the point where you can not get out of the debt. There will always be a way forward to remove your debt.[72]Steven Sharif

Safe zones

Player stalls

Players are not able to be attacked or robbed while occupying a player stall.[95]

Player stalls may not be renewed during a siege declaration.[95]


A permissions system will enable an owner to grant access to specific parts of their housing.[96][97][98]

It'll be a single owner based system for those types of properties- for properties in general, but it doesn't prevent players obviously from you know collaborating and pooling resources in order to achieve certain achievements in the game.[96]Steven Sharif

Players cannot steal from a freehold under normal circumstances.[103]

  • Items stored in a Freehold may become lootable after a successful siege against their parent Node.

Players cannot be killed by other players while inside (the footprint of)[104] their freehold.[105]

  • NPC guards that permanently exist on a freehold are not a planned feature.[105]
  • Guards may be available for hire to defend freeholds after a successful node siege.[106]
Q: We were discussing in chat earlier about freeholds and whether or not a person would be safe in their home or within the entirety of their freehold from getting player killed?
A: I think our initial testing is going to revolve around the footprint of their freehold and then we'll take into consideration the metrics gleaned from that testing.[104]Steven Sharif


Ashes of Creation gathers tracking data to facilitate achievements, titles and other accolades on a server.[107]

Visibility of those types of things on the server help to promote a competitive atmosphere. If there is an attainable impression that you can work towards, so that others know your success, you have more drive to succeed.[107]Steven Sharif

Leader boards

There will be dungeon and raid leader boards.[108]

Trophy park

Trophy park is an area within Town, City or Metropolis nodes that has available spots for trophies. These trophies show the character names of players who are the first to complete world bosses and dungeon bosses that were spawned as the result of the development of that particular node.[110]

  • Server announcements and achievements are designed to encourage groups to experience new content.[110]


There will be a duel mechanic.[111]

  • There will be a way to auto-decline duel requests.[111]

Time to kill

The Ashes of Creation MMORPG will have a time-to-kill (TTK) of around 30 seconds to a minute.[112]

In the MMORPG we really don't want to see any one-shots. The time-to-kill needs to be strategic and tactical.[114]Steven Sharif

Headshot mechanics

Headshot mechanics will be implemented in Ashes of Creation based on testing.[114]

  • If headshots are implemented, they will be along the lines of a higher critical chance.[114]

The idea behind headshot in the MMORPG is that, if we do implement headshots - part of this testing is to determine if we will - but if we were to implement headshots it will be along the lines of a higher critical chance. So basically hitting a skillshot on the head will increase significantly the opportunity for that damage to be critical. Will they one-shot? Absolutely not.[114]Steven Sharif

Headshots in action combat are equivalent to a critical hit in tab targeted combat.[115]

  • Players relying on tab skills will have a fixed critical hit chance every time they use an ability or weapon.[115]
  • Players using action-based skills are going to rely on getting a head shot or hitting a critical spot on the opponent.[115]

So if you take a look at like kind of what a head shot represents: A head shot is basically a critical hit; and players who are relying on tab skills will have that critical hit chance baked into their character. They will have that fixed chance every time they use an ability or use a spell or swing a weapon; and then somebody who is kind of preferring you know action based, in order to get that crit, they're not gonna be relying necessarily on their stats they're gonna be relying on whether they get a headshot or not, or are able to hit that critical spot on that character. So that's kind of the direction that we're going in that way. Again, it's gonna be hybridized so there's gonna be a little bit of both happening in both places.[115]Jeffrey Bard

Equalized PvP

There will not be equalized PvP in the open world. There may be equalized PvP in certain arena battlegrounds under specific circumstances.[116]

Bounty hunters

Players can acquire the bounty hunter title through a quest available to citizens of Military Stage 4 (Town) nodes and potentially their vassals or affiliated nodes.[117][14]

  • Bounty hunters are able to see corrupted players on their map.[91]
  • The accuracy of bounty hunter maps is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[118]
  • Bounty hunter status can be toggled on or off.[119]
  • Corrupted players may kill bounty hunters without acquiring additional corruption score.[120]

Bounty hunter maps

Players with a high enough corruption score will be visible on the world and mini maps. These players will have markers posted on the map by an NPC from a Military node of at least stage 4 (Town), and will only be granted to players who have the Bounty hunter title.[121] The accuracy of bounty hunter maps is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[118]

Taverns are one of the locations that bounties will be posted. As players gain corruption, taverns may offer bounties to eliminate those players; or have a specific area cleared of problem players, thus giving a POI (point of interest) on the world map.[122]

Corrupt players killing bounty hunters

Corrupted players potentially gain rewards for killing bounty hunters.[123]

PvP/PvE gear

We zien onszelf graag als een PvX spel, omdat de systemen als PvP, PvE en ambacht allemaal met elkaar verweven zijn: ze zijn onafhankelijk van elkaar... Ons ontwikkelingssysteem heeft die onafhankelijkheid van de genoemde systemen echt nodig. Je hebt ambachtslieden nodig om de beste spullen te verkrijgen. Je hebt PvP'ers nodig om steden en kastelen veilig te stellen en te bemachtigen. Je hebt PvE'ers nodig om world bosses te doden voor zeldzame materialen om vervolgens spullen te maken.[124]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation is een PvX-spel.[125] Spelers zullen automatisch beide PvP- en PvE-elementen tegenkomen.[126][127] Het is onwaarschijnlijk dat een speler zich puur kan focussen op alleen PvP of PvE.[127]

Wij zijn zeer duidelijk in ons doel en onze filosofie en we snappen dat dit niet naar ieders wens zal zijn. Maar, weet je, er is een belangrijke wederkerige relatie tussen de inhoud gerelateerd aan PvE en aan PvP en ze vullen elkaar aan. Ze zijn elkaar katalisator: hun voortgang, hun ontwikkeling. Het zijn dingen waar mensen waarde aan hechten en waarbij ze kunnen zien dat ze iets verdient of verloren hebben. Dat lokt een emotionele reactie van de speler uit: hij heeft tijd in iets gestoken dat uiteindelijk slaagt of faalt; PvP staat het toe dat het element kan worden geïntroduceerd in de gameplay. En we zijn er zeer duidelijk in dat dit ons doel is: de relatie tussen risico en beloning, de prestatiegerichte mentaliteit. Niet iedereen zal een winnaar zijn, dat is niet erg.[130]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse early access trailer.[132][133]

The standalone prequel to the upcoming epic MMORPG Ashes of Creation - both a testing ground for new systems and content, as well as a unique last-man-standing action game where magic, steel, and chaos reign supreme in a high fantasy, free-to-play experience.[132]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse (also referred to as APOC)[134] is a free-to-play[135] matchmaking-based arena game with three primary modes.[136]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse utilizes action-based combat.[136][137][139]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale early access testing ended on March 10, 2020.[144]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale lobby screen.[145]

In Apocalypse you have a scene where you have a squad in, or are solo or whatever. That scene will eventually become your house. Your freehold, exactly; and you will earn furniture to place in that freehold and you can build out your house and what-not through special achievements.[146]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale victory screen.[147]

Why did we go with Battle Royale as the first testable arena mode? And the answer for that is honestly, as we're testing and getting people into matches on our servers and testing the replication among players in a battlefield; and making sure that tech is present and capable for hundreds of players on the battlefield: We wanted to have a game mode that was still fun for players to test in: An environment that was fun to test in.[148]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale (also referred to BR mode)[134] was a Battle royale testing mode consisting of up to 100 players.[136][138]

  • This is a last man standing PvP combat mode.[149]
  • Weapons and armor found in the world have unique skills associated with them. These interact with the terrain from defensive, offensive and utility standpoints.[149]
  • Players can build buildings and structures such as watchtowers, defensive pillboxes and arcane structures.[149]
  • Everything in the world apart from rocks and trees is destructible.[150]

It's going to have a lot of high octane energy and activity. It's going to be very streamable. It's going to be no NDA. There's going to be a lot of different weapons and skills that were going to be testing. Each of the weapons and armor that you can find in the world are going to have unique spells and skills associated with them that interact with the terrain from a defensive standpoint, from a utility standpoint, from an offensive standpoint. It's going to be able for you to build buildings, complete structures, watchtowers and defensive pillboxes type structures: Arcane structures. You're going to have a lot of fun activity there.[149]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale early access testing ended on March 10, 2020.[144]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges are an Ashes of Creation Apocalypse testing mode that aims to test castle siege mechanics.[138]

The Castle Siege mode is another example of a playable slice of the MMORPG that Apocalypse is providing early testing for. While it’s a somewhat smaller scale experience than the one you’ll have in the MMO, the overall flow of taking and defending a castle will remain similar. There’s some additional systems you’ll see in the final product, like the influence of Nodes over the available defensive emplacements, the crafting and deploying of custom siege weapons, and the summoning of siege monsters. These are all things that we’ll be adding on top of this mode upon our release of Ashes of Creation.[155]Margaret Krohn

Siege equipment

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse siege equipment.[158]

As a thank you, we wanted to share a little sneak peek of one of the siege weapons awaiting the players in our upcoming Castle Sieges Mode![158]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse siege equipment includes ballistas, trebuchets, battering rams and potentially traps and "powder keg" type weapons.[160]

  • Siege weapons available to the attacking side include Trebuchets and Battering Rams.[155]
  • Siege weapons available to the defending side include Ballistas and Traps.[155]
  • Siege weapons are deployable and piloted by players.[154]

With regards to alpha one phase one however in the castle siege system... what will happen is static siege equipment that's placed in the map for the attackers to utilize that will present at focal points of PvP in the match where defenders will know where to target a specific area on the field in order to attack. [161]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode is an Ashes of Creation Apocalypse testing mode where 50 players defend a city against waves of incoming NPCs and player controlled monsters.[136][137][154]

  • Each wave is more difficult than the last.[154]
  • Between waves, players collect experience, money and weapons to take back to their hold to defend against the next wave.[138]
  • Monster coins enable players to join the game as part of the horde.[154]

Horde mode will include adaptive AI boss mechanics.[137] Rewards are obtained dependent on progress against these NPCs.[162]

Horde mode will absolutely include boss mechanics, so some of the ideas behind that is going to have a wave mode of a variety of NPCs will likely include some achievable cosmetics as well in that mode depending on how far you can get and those cosmetics will include pets of the NPCs that you face, so like a little miniature version of the NPC's and we'll update those as well, that you'll have in the MMO.[162]Steven Sharif

Horde mode is specifically for testing.[162]

It's a way that we thought it would be kind of fun to implement AI mechanics that we're looking to implement. Testing the you know the blackboard for the AI. Being able to have variable types of NPCs that have roles whether it be like a sniper, ranged, melee, boss, heroic you know kind of different AI focuses for those monsters during interesting situations.[162]Steven Sharif


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