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Goblin 3D render. 3D model by Chris Atkins.[1]

There are going to be different types of "Goblinesque" creatures; and this one has not skipped out on his leg or arm day, which is a good thing for him because he's probably going to be in a lot of fights.[2]Steven Sharif

Stowed away in their village, the goblins build their ranks and take refuge.[3]

Goblins are a mob in Ashes of Creation.[4][2]

What I love about the goblins is they're really a unique monster race from the sense that they have social organization to themselves- and a lot of monsters share that that aspect- that they have these social organizations where you can develop goblin tactics, and you can have some goblin identities, and you can have variants; and the types of goblins that you can even experience.[5]Steven Sharif

List of goblin mobs


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